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Saint Taranis in the Gedlo Badlands home to the Kobolds.

A collection of tips and experiences from around the RIFT Dimension community. These little pieces of friendly building advice come directly from the last couple of years Featured Dimensioneer interviews. Feel free to share these tips with other builders or share your own in the comments below.

Don’t give up. I loved building from the moment I started but as my own worst critic, I often felt like I would never build anything good. I was especially prone to discouragement when I would go touring and see some of the amazing things others built. But if I’ve learned anything, its if you like doing something and you keep doing it, you will naturally learn and get better as you go along.
Don’t dismiss those early builds, enjoy them, learn from them, and keep building. The memories are the biggest treasure in end. – Keren@Wolfsbane

Place every item in a dimension, enlarge it, shrink it, turn it around and about and upside down. Stand back and look at it and try not to think of it as what it is. What could it be, what patterns does it have. What would three look like bunched together. Think not only outside the box but above the box, below the box and back inside the box again. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar but it can also be part of a door frame or a scarecrow’s arms or a sausage on a plate. Y’see. – Tinderal@Zaviel

If you dream it, build it. Doesn’t matter how simple or complex your idea is, just create it. Take your time, pull it down and start again if need be. Have fun with flipping/re-sizing and spinning items, usually an idea sprouts from an unexpected motion. Remember to have fun. – Naerhya@Greybriar

Just build what you love and what speaks to you. You never know whose soul you may touch with your creation. Rift dimensions are a place to get creative and to set that imagination free. – Gothess@Hailol

Touring, websites like this one and more touring. The dimension community is amazing, you can almost forget its an MMO because everyone is so nice and supportive! – Ashian@Greybriar

Just do it! When I first decided to try to build a dimension I was very overwhelmed, didn’t know where to start, what items to use, how to get items, etc. My first dimension was tore down and restarted many times while I was trying to figure it all out and find my groove. You don’t know what you can do until you try! When I first started building I would never have thought that I could create the dimensions that I have created. – Kalrei@Deepwood

Build something that you can enjoy. To new builders I would say, play around with items. I sit for hours turning things over and seeing how big and small they go, and then I do it again with the same items repeatedly cos I have a memory like a sieve! Getting to know the items always helps. Also, if your like me and a bit of a stresshead at times, or feel yourself getting frustrated…take a break and go back to it with a fresh, stress free, happy head. I tend to find i’ll get frustrated, take a break, then go back the next day and do whatever it was first, maybe second attempt! But yeh, mainly, have fun and go nuts! – Ralitza@Gelidra

My best advice for new builders is when building a dim constructive comments about floaters, cracks in floors, walls or roofs are helpful and meant to be that way. Always remember your dim is yours built by you its a work of art, if it pleases you, you are the only one that counts don’t let anyone tell you its not right or not up to their standards. Keep making Dimensions and enjoy yourself, its the fun that counts. – Roslies@Hailol

Details, details, details! Even the smallest hovel can be amazing if you take the time to do the little details. I make the rule that at least half of the item count should go to details. Don’t be ashamed to look at google for inspiration. Sometimes having a real life model can give you ideas and challenges that spark creativity. – Vieye@Faeblight

Simply this…Build what you want to build, something that makes you happy and have fun with it. It doesn’t matter if it’s not fantastic….. it’s yours! Pvepyro@Typhiria

I’d say, never be too shy to ask for advice and help from others. There’s always people who would help you with great pleasure, whether it’s sharing items or ideas, or anything else. Dimension community is a big nerdy family, warm and welcoming, it’s a huge crowd of different people united by one passion, and the only thing I regret is not joining it shortly after I started playing Rift. So, join us, don’t be shy, create what you like, and remember there’s always people around who would support you in your passion. – Laeti@Laethys

Don’t be intimidated by “advanced builders” and assume you have nothing to offer the dimension community. Not ever. Always try. I am just as stunned with a small morph I never considered in an average or beginner dim as I am with any of the so called “amazing dims”. As far as actual dimension skill? Look at all items from different angles and sides. All the best morphs are surprising and innovative uses for mundane items. – Duskwren@Faeblight

Just keep building, only way you’re gonna get better!!! And don’t be afraid to ask questions!!! and or for help!!! – Faragonx@Deepwood

I will say that a few people have mentioned to me their struggle to feel that their work is appreciated, no matter how hard they try to make it likeable.  I’d encourage anyone to just build from their heart- make what you love, in the way that makes YOU the happiest.  The more authentic you are with what you create, the more satisfying it will feel, and the more likely it will be to draw like-minded people to you and your creation regardless of its technical level.  Some of my favorite dimensions to visit aren’t necessarily the ones that are built the most precisely or have the fanciest stuff, but the ones that give you a strong sense of their creator- their sense of style, or sense of humor.  Keep it fun, and keep them coming! – Holly@Faeblight

The best advice given to me was “to build for myself” and that’s what I do, that way you will never be overly disappointed if you don’t get the amount of attention you think your new build deserves, or if you don’t win a contest, if someone doesn’t like it or someone made something similar, but more extravagant. Open the dimension when you are happy with your build. But most importantly DO NOT COMPARE, we are all different, we all build in our own unique way and every dimension has something great about it. Just because you see a house that’s more detailed than yours, doesn’t mean that your house isn’t just as great in its own way. – Zeamage@Gelidra

Join a group of dimensioneers, whether it be a chat channel, a guild, a blog, a twitch channel. Build not only dimensions but also build friendships. You learn so much touring and visiting. Two sets of eyes are definitely better than one! – Sparklynn@Wolfsbane

Just get building and have fun! Join the cross-shard channels, the community is awesome, and you will always find someone to help you if you get stuck. – Alliandre@Brutwacht

The most important thing about dimensions is to build what you feel like building because what you are actually paying for in terms of plat or credits is really the entertainment and relaxing experience of creating something, think of it as a painting, its the experience along the way that is the most valuable. Try to make a plan of what you want to build, make some sketches, draw up a layout, and do research on your subject on the web, looking at images of real-life buildings and items can offer a lot of inspiration and get you headed in a creative direction, especially if you are feeling stuck on something. – Nouvae@Hailol

Find your own style of dimension and happy building! – Dabasya@Laethys

I would say to build for you, what makes you happy. I don’t open a dimension now unless it makes me smile. Don’t be afraid to experiment you will be surprised what you can come up with. – Marnth@Laethys

Just have fun, because when it gets laborious or tedious, not only will the build reflect that, you will get burned out. And we don’t want that! – Valzen@Faeblight

In the beginning, I tried to build like the other folks I saw and it was very frustrating. Once I stopped trying to be like someone else, I was able to do my own thing. Turns out, I don’t build houses; I’m an explorer so what comes out of my imagination is dimensions that want to be explored. I know that’s not for everyone, but it works for me and keeps me thoroughly engaged in Rift.
I think the biggest thing for any new builder is encouragement to just play around. Fiddle with inexpensive items like the free ones from Gartyn to learn the tools, turn everything over, upside-down, stuck in the ground, etc. to see what it looks like from all angles. After that, experimentation and continuing to build helps dimensioneers to find their own niche. It can be discouraging to see what other folks have created, so don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Find your own, unique style and do whatever is fun for you. – Jaedor@Greybriar

Don’t be afraid to change course and try different ideas if your current one isn’t working! I’ve scrapped far more dimension projects than I’ve actually finished, and I’m constantly tweaking and poking at different things to see how my modifications affect the overall build. In my experience, dimensions will build themselves if your central idea is good enough; just find an idea you like, and let the project grow out from that organically. If you don’t like the way that things are growing, then prune a few branches off and let things grow a different way. Building is as much about discovery as it is about creation, so take the time to find out what works best for your project! – Jamesen@Faeblight

There is so much to dimensions, no one way to do anything and a ton of helpful ways to collect items, save time or currency and get inspired as well as create with or without add ons. Everyone has great tips and advice to share. Please feel welcome to jump onto Official RIFT Dimension forums and the guides section to read or share knowledge you have. I cannot tell you how much this encourages those that might not ask or say to build continuing to inspire many other vet and new Dimension architects, Decorators, Builders and Creators including me! – Kiwi@Greybriar

Keep building new things. Keep building the same things but build them differently. Each time you build something new, you learn from it. The most important advice I do have though, is pay attention to the scale of what you are building. For example, if you’re building a chair, zoom out from your character and as yourself “could I sit in that chair?” If you’re building a room, “could I reach the items on that shelf”. The most common issue that I’ve seen from new builders are houses built for giants. I too had this problem when I started building and it was the first major obstacle to get passed. – Kollette@Gelidra

Let you carry by your imagination , anything is possible simply to start. – Kresely@Brisesol

My biggest piece of advice is to just always be yourself; build it the way you enjoy and go with your heart and feeling. Don’t be too critical of yourself, or of others. We are all creators and creative! Sometimes you have to take time away until you feel the inspiration and then just go for it. Never be afraid to ask for help or advice. Anything can be fixed (trust me) — just enjoy it, enjoy seeing and sharing in the creation of others and never forget to pay compliments for the job everyone does because they are all truly a wonderful aspect of our gaming community . – Femwhispers@Faeblight

Try to look at items not for what they are but what you can make with them. And surf to more dimensions to get inspired by other builders. – Loveyttsab@Typhiria

Just keep at it really and have fun and talk with other dimensioneers. Inspire and help each other. The more you do work on dimensions the better you will get and the easier it becomes to see the possibilities with all the available items, be it used pure or in a morph. And finally I have the tendency to make up stories and backgrounds for what I build. Daydreaming in the dimension as for me that’s a great way to get inspiration and make the dimension come alive. – Serathe@Zaviel

My Advice? Don’t be afraid to TRY anything in a DIM – if it doesn’t work – erase it and start again. Also – tour many other DIM’s – you never know what may spark an idea. – Zillaan@Deepwood

Have fun and let your imagination takes the control ! Oh a kettle ! Not at all ! It’s a piece of a control panel in a ship, a part of a lovely steampunk fountain, a giant toe, a chicken beak, etc …. Hahahahaha ! – Louvinette@Brisesol

Don’t judge your builds off other builders. some of us have been building a long time and know many tricks. You will learn them in time. Almost everyone of us started with building a box and thinking it was neat. If you have fun building just keep building. It is about the fun you have while you are building. Sure its nice to get compliments but don’t worry if anyone likes it or not. You will find when you stop worrying the whole world opens up to experimentation and new fun. Always always remember to ~Create What Makes You Happy~ and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. – Kitasia@Deepwood

The only advice I can give new builders is to have fun with it and don’t worry if it’s not perfect, and don’t compare it to dimensions built by seasoned dimension builders. It took them a while to get where they are, and we all learn something with every build we do. You will get there don’t worry. Also try spinning items around to see how they look from different angles, you will be surprised how different some items look upside down, you can often find new purposes for items this way and I often get new ideas like this.  – Polynomia@Gelidra

Always build from the heart. Everyone builds differently. Also, if you don’t succeed the first time try, try again! – Afflaq@Deepwood

If I only had a piece of advice, it would be: Do what you like, but do it with passion or not. But I will say this, as far as possible, you question every dimension, not just a success for recreating at will. Change the theme, change the style, in short, try to amaze visitors. To make others love dimensions, you first must love them yourself. – Arwhen@Brisesol

Don’t worry about what other people think, build what you like to build and what you want to see. In the end, it’s your dimension. – Baradara@Greybriar

Tour for inspiration, try new things, and never stop building. If competitions float your boat, have a go! If you are nervous, start with some buildings and decorate to start with. There is always something new to try, there are so few limits to what we can do. Also, tap into the community, they really are an amazing group of people. – Bellarosa@Laethys

My best advice would be too experiment. Twist and turn the items, and get a feel for them. Don’t be afraid to morph (placing several objects together to make one). There is no right or wrong in my opinion, just build what you find beautiful and what makes you happy! You can also look up what you have in mind online to get inspiration. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, the dimension community is very friendly. – Azamea@Typhiria

Several of my fellow dimensionerds have already given excellent advice during their interviews. The one thing that resonates with me and that I agree with is that you should build what YOU like, what excites you. After all, it is your dimension and you will spend a lot of time in there building it. Try new things, visit a lot of dimensions, get ideas, learn from certain building styles, but stay true to your own heart. Follow your own path and create the dimension of YOUR dreams! – Agrona@Hailol

Have fun & enjoy yourself. Use your imagination and ideas to showcase your artistic side. Don’t doubt yourself so much. It’s not all about who has the shiniest of shineys. Do what makes you happy and don’t worry about what other’s may think (Same as in real life). – Jayded@Faeblight

Always build from the heart and soul , yet i must state this , Building or creating from pain is the greatest form of art we have known throughout time , Poems , Songs, Music , Painting , Masonry , Dance , are the best ways to deal with pain, for you turn the negative into a positive. – Odintia@Greybriar

Get familiar with every item on offer. Visit other dimensions to see what is possible through morphing multiple items into one item. Visit dimensions with low votes to maybe see what the desired dimension looks like empty before you purchase it (you can also check YouTube videos). Download add-ons like Magic Carpet and Toolbox and watch Toolbox video tutorials. Toolbox is also very handy to stack items in your storage dimension. Unless you plan on joining one of the competitions don’t rush it, you can’t rush art and if you have a mental block just accept it and do something else until inspiration finds it’s way back to you. – Stickybuds@Wolfsbane

Push the envelope of what you think you can do with every build and reach for new pinnacles. Remember scale and try to size things to be compatible with each other and comfortable for the type of people who would use a place, giant things for giants, tiny things for fae, human sized things for humans. Apply focus in your build so that the main ideas are well expressed and detailed instead of having a dozen half-done features. Do a dwarf check before you open your dim, it’s easier to see if you have things floating over tables on a short character. – Amity@Greybriar

DON’T GIVE UP! If you can’t get something quite right, keep at it! You will get it…and if you don’t, hook up with a dimension junkie, and ask for help. Most dimension junkies are VERY helpful and will answer questions, show you how to do stuff, and give you advice along the way! – Georgianna@Laethys

Visit lots of dimensions. Talk to other Dimensionerds about their dimensions and ask questions. Your own ideas will be made so much better with a little outside inspiration! Establish a theme and stick with it. Do menhirs really go with your theme? Do dragon motes really go with your theme? Do hunt trophy statues really go with your them? If not, don’t use them. When your dimension is nearly complete, do walkthrus with a dwarf toon, an elf or Kelari toon, and a Bahmi toon. Each toon is shorter, taller, fatter, skinnier, bigger, smaller, or whatever … and you are likely to discover issues when you view your dimension from each of these perspectives. Walkthrus are fun to do with friends who like to visit each other’s dimensions, share feedback, and help each other. – Dimensiondiva@Wolfsbane

Go on the web there are lot’s of tutorials you can use dimension tools to help you in the building process. Try with a few dimension items at first. When you have the problem of the number of items you must make choice.. struggle..and sometimes find THE idea that pay your day. What you want to improved that need more items, you can try to put them on a bigger dimension. – Nathanae@Brisesol

Be persistent and don’t judge what you make by what you see others building. It’s hard to do but with persistence your own style will develop. And be sure to use Tinker Tools. That addon has saved me so much time when it comes to lining walls up straight and getting exact spacing for pillars. Not to mention the ability to save item sets for use in other builds. – Marlynielle@Zaviel

Advice for new dimensioneers? Take your time, open up your imagination and let it flow! and if ever you have a problem when building? Ask the people in the Dimension part of the forum or join /dimensionaddicts@Deepwood. We will gladly give you a helping hand if we can or any advice to help you. Remember this, Do not be afraid to build what your imagination has to offer, but open up your mind to the endless possibilities. We will be here to explore your world when you are ready. – Auril@Wolfsbane

Always try to avoid “battle for dominance” between textures (put 2 different planks on the same place to see what I mean). – Maiden@Gelidra

Have fun! Do what you find appealing. – Shaelaia@Faeblight

If you’re looking to fill an area with foliage, use cheap trees sunk into the ground rather than bushes. They’re many orders of magnitude cheaper, and some look identical or better than the shrubs. They also get pretty big and tend to sway in the wind depending on the tree, where many bushes don’t. – Televised@Greybriar

Get Tinker Tools (for importing and exporting sets) immediately, and learn to use them both. It will keep you from pulling your hair out, at least most of the time:) Also my advice would be to tour as many dimensions as you can. – Nym@Faeblight

Don’t worry about what other people will think, build to please yourself. – Muriell@Deepwood

Before starting a theme, collect a list of all the items that are available to suit your theme. Know what you setout to create and follow that through. Go back over the basic layout and detail, detail and more detail. Don’t just add something because it is in your bag, or someone gave it to you. – Mercat@Zaviel

Don’t feel discouraged or frustrated by limitation. Make the best of what you have. You will often find limitations can spark great creativity. Or not, but at least you should aim to have a good time, because, after all, building is and should be, fun. – Seyler@Zaviel

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