Submit your dimension to the gallery or update an existing dimension in 2 simple steps.

  • Screenshots should be taken in the highest possible video settings, at minimum High but Ultra settings are preferred.
  • Images with the UI present will not be approved. Remove the User Interface when taking a screenshot by pressing CTRL U and then Print Screen or simply press CTRL P to take a screenshot without the UI. Screenshots are saved into the PC > Documents > RIFT > Screenshots folder.
  • Submissions will be approved and posted at the site owners discretion and time allowance.
  • The dimensions name, owner name, and shard along with images (up to 4) must be included for new submissions.

Step 1 – Upload Images

Click the box below to add up to 4 images of your dimension. Wait for all images to upload before moving on to Step 2, you should see a green circle with a check-mark on the left for successful uploads.

Step 2 - Complete Submission Form

Feel free to add your own personal description or story about your build, the information you submit will be added to your dimensions page. If this is a new submission, please only submit your build if you feel that it is at least 90% complete.

Fields marked with a * are required.