Valhol Henge by Duskwren on the Faeblight shard.

My guild had an RP adventure involving a Nordic World that had suffered a 3 year long winter. This dimension represents the state of the settlement when our party arrived on the scene. The locals flocked to the mead hall, long since stripped of anything valuable (or edible.) The homes are locked up tight; guarded against fear of plague, while the entire region is dotted with sign of pagan alters and the remains of sacrifices offered to the gods in desperate pleas for aid.

Note- the wolf morph in the alter room is borrowed from WGS Endless Winter(Alli+Chulia) by Xaphiria


  1. Alliandre
    April 9, 2017

    Thanks for asking, I guess?
    It’s a great dimension and I would probably not have said no to you borrowing my morph, but asking would have been great 😉 but anyway, thanks for giving credit in this post.

    • Duskwren
      April 21, 2017

      We play on completely different clusters and I’m sorry to say I just didn’t think of it– it was kind of a minor plot point at the end of a very long arc, but I was totally proactive about mentioning it to people while I was using it! LOL Honestly the wolf can come down now completely. I didn’t even realize it was still there till I was squinting at my screenshots and rather than making another I just figured I’d better give proper credit.


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