Koladen’s Lost Temple by Cheesecakesandwich on the Greybriar shard. Winner of the Tier 1 NA category in the Dungeon Master contest held by Nouvae.

There are tales of a temple built by a lost tribe of the Eths in the harsh desert of Koladen during the splintering of humanity. The temple is said to be located somewhere in the south of the Koladen’s desert. Koladen’s denizens refuse to go to that part of the desert as surviving its burning dunes is impossible for mortals. But, for an ascended, nothing is impossible. You and 9 of your most trusted ascended allies prepared for a journey into the treacherous desert in a quest to find this lost temple. The trip proved to be harder than expected and you now start to wonder how this lost tribe of the Eths even managed to survived in such a blistering heat… Until you found the answer… lost deep in the desert… very deep.

After walking for several days in the desert, you finally managed to find something more than just sand. Ruins of unknown origin appear before you. Upon reaching the entrance to those ruins, you are welcomed in a way that you are already too familiar with… prepare for battle.





First boss
Sarokki, the Desert’s Bane
Giant undead snake that lurks the burning dunes of the desert.
This boss burrow underneath the sand to attack foes from below, can afflict its enemies with deadly curses and has the power to create sandstorms and quicksand.
As you approach the ruins, the ground beneath you start shaking and, all around you, the sand start shifting. Something is moving under the dunes of the desert. You unsheathe your weapons ready to fight whatever is lurking below.
In front of you, a gigantic snake made of bones burst from the ground, blocking the path leading into the ruins.
You have no other choices but to fight.

Second boss
The Twin statues, Temple Guardians
Giant stone statues that will engage the group from the bridge leading to the temple.
The fight take place on the bridge and require the use of the altar on the small island between the 2 bridges.
The statues walk between pools and attack from both side of the bridge.
They possess powerful magic and are linked together.
You start crossing the bridge leading to the temple. After reaching the middle of the bridge, your party stop. Before you, 2 giant statues in front of the temple spring to life. The statues both descends into the pools and engage your group.

Third boss
Shiragi, Ancient Eth Archmage
Spirit that haunt the temple and has the power to move objects around the room to attack intruders as well as use fire attacks.
Upon entering the left room of the temple, you find yourself in what is left of an ancient dinner room. In the back of the room you notice that some of the marble bricks from the walls were moved, leaving an opening large enough for your party to move through. Since there is no other way to go, you and your party decide to investigate. As you start making your way toward the end of the room, a frozen wind pass by you, sending a chill down your spine. The chairs, ancient plates and cutlery suddenly start flying around the room. A spirit appears at the end of the dinning room. It is obviously hostile. Your group prepare for battle.

Fourth boss
Giant Underground Worm
Massive worm that live in the rock far beneath the surface.
Completely blind. Use sound to find its prey.
This boss is fought on a small platform and will attack the group from multiple sides. Will try eating players. Other monstrosities will join the fight.
There is no other way to go. Your party start scaling the old wooden platforms and stairs leading deeper in the cavern. As you reach the central platform, you hear a sound from the depths below. From the darkness surge a gigantic worm destroying several wooden platforms and stairs, pinning you down to this central platform. Fighting is the only option.
Note: Upon its death, the giant worm would create a bridge to another platform, but since the boss is static, follow the visible path instead.

Fifth boss
Ice Demon
A demon frozen in ice for centuries. Though seemingly dead in the ice, it is very much alive and waking it up would be a bad idea by the look of the fleeing Eths that were frozen solid in this room.
This boss use ice attacks. The group will need to use the frozen Eths as a mechanic for the fight.
The path leading to the temple main hall is blocked by a frozen wall. The only way through is by making the wall melt. As one of your mage start conjuring fire in order to melt the ice, the frozen monster in the back of the room awaken. The ice covering its body shatter and the giant demon rush toward your group.

Last boss
This boss is a mystery. You’ll see it when you get there!
Uses lightning to attack enemies.
The boss is related to the temple itself.
You’ve finally reached the final room…

A little bit of background regarding the dimension…
The ideas I got regarding most parts of this dimension come straight from games of Dungeons and Dragons I had with friends over the past few years. As for the other parts, they are ideas I came up with for a book I am writing.
Needless to say that what was the most important to me when creating the dimension was for it to feel like a real dungeon delving experience. I wanted to make every turn of a corner feels like stepping into the unknown, for every step to feel like something was watching you in the dark and for every boss to feel like a boss you’d absolutely want to fight.
Nothing scream dungeon delving more than a good game of DnD and, in my honest opinion, my dimension has DnD written all over it.

In hope you have as much fun visiting that I had making the dimension!
Happy Dungeon Delving and cheers.

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