Frightmare (Tramea) by Mistyseas on the Hailol shard.

The Hollow, as the local people called it, was a normal, verdant valley when the Fowles family built their Victorian house there in 1846. It stayed that way for several generations until 1912 when the small pond on the property started giving off noxious green gasses that poisoned the animals and vegetation. The locals said it also poisoned the minds of the Fowles family. In March of 1913 the patriarch of the family, Richard Fowles, went missing. He was last seen the evening before in the library, but could not be found the following morning. Jeeves the butler made the discovery, but not before Molly the maid had partially cleaned up a bit of a mess in the library. The local police said the state of the library indicated fowl play (pun intended) but no body was ever discovered.

A possible motive was that Richard, the father, was rumoured to have changed his will recently, disinheriting his three children and leaving all his wealth to his pet cat Corpus. The three children, were all questioned, but without a body no charges were ever laid. What you know about the children is as follows. Derek was a botanist who was studying the poisonous properties of a strange red fern that was found growing around the edges of the pond. Robert was an amateur polo player and swordsman. Katherine was studying to be a chef and had aspirations of studying under a master chef in Paris.

Within a couple of weeks of the disappearance of Richard, the house started to be haunted by a ghostly apparition. Jeeves and Molly quit shortly after, 2 months later Derek was found dead in the pond, evidently overcome by the poisonous gasses, 4 days later Robert was killed in a polo accident when his horse took a tumble and the following day Katherine packed her bags and ran off to Paris to “study under a master chef”. The house has been deserted and haunted ever since.

You now have all the information needed to solve the murder. But the clues are well hidden somewhere in the dimension. Can you solve the murder?

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