RIFT Patch 4.1 Hundreds of New Dimension Items!

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Hello Dimensioneers! Just around the corner is a new content update for RIFT, Patch 4.1 Forged In Flame is scheduled to release on March 29, 2017. Developer Tacitus has been sharing bits of information here and there with the Dimension Skype channel about what new items Dimensioneers can look forward to with this update. I’ve gathered some of that information, had a look at loads of items on the PTS, and I am happy to report that this is a really large update for Dimensions with hundreds of new items!  I’ll get right to point and share what I’ve learned with you.

Please note any of this information could possibly change as it’s in the testing stages right now and there is always that possibility somethings may not make it into the live version of the game.

Dimension Keys

The Volcanic Playground and Wyrd Hut will be craftable through a new Planar Crafting source. The Fortress of Apocalypse will be obtainable with Affinity points and Saint Taranis will be available during this years Carnival of the Ascended world event that begins on March 30th. Each of these new dimension keys are 2,520 item limits and have been added to the keys guide if you are interested in looking at more pictures.

Mystery Box: Wonders of Alittu

In the Dimensions Premium section of the RIFT Store a new Mystery Box: Wonders of Alittu will be available for 400 credits (360 Patrons price). This box will contain new dimension items not currently found anywhere else in the game. The assortment of 80 items are themed around the Mages of Alittu and include wall pieces, lamps, display cases, desks, display screens, an Alittu music box and much more. Some of the Tartaric Depths art assets are also included in the box and there is a rare chance to obtain the Key to Dimension: Alittu. Players will have a chance of getting 4 to 6 random items with each box purchased.

As a side note, the current Mystery Box: Imperial Wonders will be retired when this patch releases. The items from the Imperial Wonders box should be obtainable in other ways at a later time this year.

Building Blocks

To go along with the new Alittu themed items there are 6 new building blocks purchasable in the RIFT store. They are (from left to right) Tenebrean Stone, Ahnkite, Bolidium, Tenebrean Slate, Atramentium, and Tenebrean Sandstone.

Crafting Recipes

In the RIFT Store under Crafting > Dreamweaver are two new recipes, Lantern Hook Motes and Lantern Hook Bubble Nebula. The recipes are purchasable for crafting marks. A preview of these special effects is seen below, the effect is animated and scale able.

Banners Bundle

The new Banners Bundle will be available for 14 Affinity points and includes different banners from all around the world of Telara. Each bundle purchased will contain 4 various banners. They are various sizes and shapes, some are static hanging or on a post, some have animation as if they are blowing in the wind. A small sample of the 67 individual banners are pictured below and Sparklynn@Wolfsbane has provided a full listing here.

Candles and Bottles!

Two new bundles, Passel of Potions and Candle and Torch Bundle will be available in the RIFT store for 30 credits (27 Patron price). Each purchase includes a random assortment of 5 potion bottles or candles/torches. Images of all the available items are shown here.

Mathosian Buildings

Under the Dimensions > Buildings section of the RIFT store you will find 35 new Mathosian buildings! The Mathosian City Forge is a credit only purchase at 600 credits (or 560 for Patrons), it’s a very large open building with a stable and forge at the center. If you want to see this building in-game travel to Smith’s Haven in Freemarch. The other buildings are a variety of the Mathosian style homes you see in Port Scion and Stillmoor area in various sizes. I’ve included some screenshots of just a handful of the buildings. 5 new Mathosian Debris piles are included in this section of the store too. Prices for these new items range from 150 platinum to 310 platinum and credit option is available as well.

Music Boxes

Several new music boxes will be added to the RIFT store and Starfall Prophecy Notoriety Vendors. Each zone from the Celestial Lands will have a music box associated with the factions Notoriety Vendor. The Alittu music box will be in the new Mystery Box: Wonders of Alittu.

In the RIFT store under Dimensions > Interactive > Music Boxes you will find 3 new rare music boxes, Freemarch, Infinity Gate, and Planetouched Wilds. 5 new epic music boxes are Sanctum, Meridian, Tempest Bay, Hailol, and Disco! 🙂

Keep an eye for updates to Kitasia’s YouTube channel for samples of the music box sounds.

Minion Stash Updates

The Minion Dimension Stashes are in the process of being revised. The revised stashes from the 5 minute, 15 minute, and 8 hour missions will be in when 4.1 releases, this will include access to the newer building blocks we received last summer. The new Premium Stashes that will include many new items will be in sometime after 4.1 or Carnival.

To quote Dev Tacitus on this update:

The updated Premium Stashes will be in a bit after 4.1. Those are the ones that will have hundreds of new dimension items. Those come from the 4 hour missions. The revised stashes from 5/15s and 8 hour missions will be in. Those include the updated access to newer building blocks.

While on PTS, I was able to run two missions, one was the 15 minute mission and the other was an 8 hour mission. I received two different types of stashes from the two missions, one included a selection of Building Blocks and was labeled as a Building Block stash, the other was labeled as a Dimension Stash and included a variety of dimension items and building blocks.

Also, these revised stashes will be replacing our current stashes, there is no need to hoard your current stashes in hopes of getting new items from those stashes.

Livestreams & More

  • This Friday, February 24 at 3:00 pm Pacific time you can tune in to Trion’s livestream on Twitch for the latest information on the upcoming Carnivale of the Ascended world event to celebrate Rift’s 6th Year Anniversary.
  • Saturday, March 4th Feendish and Audzilla will be on the PTS sharing all the items and new keys on the DTC livestream.
  • Check Kitasia’s Dimension Addicts site for updates, she’ll be adding all these items with detailed information in the near future.
  • Radish of the Better Homes and Dimensions fan site has shared a blog post about PTS items.


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That’s a lot of stuff!

RIFT’s Forged In Flame 4.1 update is bringing a TON of new items for Dimensioneers to get creative with, it’s an exciting time for builders indeed! High-Five to our fearless Dimension experts Developer Tacitus and Blazing Octopus, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to Dimensions! 🙂

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