Reskin Building Blocks With Tinker Tools

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How To Reskin with Tinker Tools

This is a quick guide of how to use the Reskin function in the Tinker Tools addon. Once you get the basic steps down, you can reskin to your hearts desire, it’s fast and fun!

Step One: Select Items to Reskin

For this guide I will be reskinning the Brown Brick walls and Brown Shingle roof of this little cottage. I have gathered all of the new building blocks I want to reskin these with and placed them into my inventory.

While in edit mode, hold down SHIFT and LEFT CLICK to multi select all of the wall pieces, in this instance I am using the item list to quickly select each of the Brown Brick building blocks. I can also select each tile manually. It’s helpful to use the Item List when you have many items to select, in this case there are about 100 building blocks to select.


Step Two: Select Reskin Options

Once I have all of the Brown Brick selected I open Tinker Tools (/tt) and select the Copy/Paste button. In this panel I will check Flicker Reduction and Use New Items: Bags as seen in the image below. Now I will open the Reskin panel. From here I select in the top selection Old Skin: Brown Brick, and what I want to New Skin: Grey Wood. Leave all of the tile types checked.


Step Three: Reskin

With the options selected I press in the following sequence to begin the Reskin:

COPY then APPLY (on the Reskin panel) and then PASTE.  It’s important to do this in the order or it will not work.


The reskin process will now begin, you should see items being added to your dimension on top of the previous selected building blocks.

When the reskin process finishes a notification will appear in your chat that all items are loaded and selected. The items selected will be the new building blocks you applied.

Since I am just reskinning an object (not duplicating it), then from here I will close the edit (wrench) to save everything, then reopen the edit panel and go to the Item List, find all the Brown Brick, and begin manually removing them from the dimension one at a time.

After I swapped out the walls, I then repeat this entire process with the roof, selecting the Brown Shingles and reskin them to Blue Roof Tiles.

Reskin using Tinker Tools

After I reskinned the new building blocks, removed the old building blocks, I made some cosmetic changes to the plants, windows, etc.

That’s it! Simple and fast, thanks to Lynx3d for the amazing addon Tinker Tools, download it here if you don’t already have it. This tool will save you a lot of time building and it’s fun to use!

The new Grey Wood Cottage is now available for download along with the other houses in the Parade of Homes dimension on Hailol. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know below.

Happy Building!

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  1. Jayded
    October 31, 2016

    Great, easy -to-understand guide Nouvae. I knew how to reskin but I didn’t know you could do multiples at once! Wonderful 🙂

    • Nouvae
      October 31, 2016

      Hi Jayded, I’m glad you found it useful, thank you.


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