Nug Quests for Dimension Items

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There is a two-part quest chain that you can complete in Seratos at level 55 and Morban at level 59 to unlock the Nug Quartermaster who sells bogling dimension items. There are two step-by-step guides on for each quest chain, linked below.

The first quest begins in a Nug Village on the top of a plateau in the Fetid Plains of Seratos, to get to the village go to The Hollow porticulum then head North, once you arrive speak with Hadri to begin the first quest Not For Nugging and then follow this guide from to complete the quest chain. During this quest series you can obtain the achievement Hard Graft by defeating the Grafted Horror.

The second quest chain starts in a nug village located in Morban, use the Black Strand porticulum and then head East. Once you arrive speak with Mother Nug and begin her quest Nug Battle Dugg, if you need a guide follow this one from Upon completion of her quest series you will also receive the achievement Mother Said Nug You Out.

Once you have completed both quest chains you will gain access to the Nug Quartermaster, Lifo which unlocks all 6 of the bogling items. You can find the quartermaster at both of the Nug villages from now on.


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  1. Jayded
    August 21, 2014

    Oh thanks Nouvae! I was wondering about those items but never got around to researching them. Thanks for the great article & info!!

  2. Nouvae
    August 29, 2014

    You’re welcome! It only takes about an hour or less to complete these quests at level 60. It’s well worth the effort. =)


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