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Hello Dimensioneers!  In December we received a slew of new buildings in the RIFT Store, they are located under Dimensions > Buildings, a new sub-category. Today’s post is an overview of some of the new buildings and I wanted to share a few ideas with you how these can be used in your dimensions.

New Buildings Preview

Mathosian is the first category, we received 13 total buildings with two really large structures that Dimensioneers can get creative with decorating the interiors. The Mathosian Guildhall is purchasable via credits only. It’s a very large building with two tavern like areas with open windows on the lower level, and an upstairs area. The second is the Large Mathosian Inn, this one has a fireplace, a bar, and an upstairs area. It is the same building as the Smiths Haven located in Freemarch including the candles and lighting effects.

In addition to the two large Mathosian buildings we received several smaller variations of the houses you will come across in Stillmoor and Freemarch. Some of these allow you to decorate in one open room while others are completely closed off. A few different styles of these don’t have a bottom, providing an option to build your own house interior inside. There is also a Mathosian Gatehouse that has an open arch and nightglow windows.

Next on the list is the Woodland buildings, 27 in total for this category. These are the structures you will find around Silverwood. Some of these you can build inside small open rooms or on platforms. Lots of choices here for village or landscape designs of all kinds. Snowy versions of these are available as well.

The Whitefall Tavern from Iron Pine Peaks makes it debut in the Woodland section too. It’s perfect for those snowy dimension keys we have access to. Builders with the Dreamweaver profession can craft or purchase at the auction house a Weather-Blocking Cube to place over the snowy buildings to prevent snow from blowing inside. The Weather-Blocking Cube is a bright orange color while in edit mode but disappears once you close the tool bar and is not seen by your visitors.

The Draumheim section is new, it offers 11 different houses, some large and small. The large houses don’t have a bottom and can be really versatile to create your own interior builds. The small houses look to be useful for many different purposes, such as corner posts for castles, the top of a temple, a tower and so on.

The Frontier section has 17 houses, the Frontier Storage Building is a large structure and new item that you can preview at Granite Falls in Stonefield. There are also 15 new Frontier houses that you’ve seen from around Mathosia, particularly in Scarlet Gorge and the snowy versions in Iron Pine Peaks. Six new Goblin houses of various sizes too, they can not be entered but will make great decor items for those landscape and cave themed builds, if you’ve ever been inside Darkening Deeps you may remember these.

The Kelari section has 9 houses, 5 of these are new. From the shores of Freemarch, you can take a look at these pieces at the Kelari Refuge. The Kelari houses and the tower can not be entered, but they will surely make great decor items.

A House Within A House

I recently created a house inside one of the new Draumheim mansions by using PvP banners and building blocks. Some of the new buildings we received don’t have a bottom when you flip the item over, so as soon as I saw that it was more or less a facade I was really excited to be able to manipulate that to make it into my own house. 🙂

There are some interior walls and pieces that need to be covered up, but it’s pretty straight forward. Here are some pictures of the process for your reference.

First I placed and sized the Draumheim Mansion at the scale I wanted in the dimension, then I added the PvP banners. You will need two sets of these, a total of 4 items. One Join Banner and matching Start Point to enter the house and another set to exit the house. These items can be found in the Dimensions > PvP section of the RIFT Store.


Next I added walls in all the areas that I wanted to map out for this mansion. There are some interior walls on the building itself that I needed to cover up both vertically and horizontally around the roof line. Most of these larger houses are capable of making a second floor level. You will come across bits and pieces that need covering up when you make your windows, or place the window openings as strategically as possible to not expose those pieces. I recommend using glass tiles to close off your windows, or some other items to bar off people who may curiously jump out. Players can’t actually jump through these invisible walls, they will just get stuck in-between the wall and your structure, this is why it’s a good idea to cover the windows with some kind of paneling or glass.

As you are setting up your walls, roof, and flooring go outside the house to check around the perimeter and make sure the building blocks are not poking through to the other side. That’s pretty much it, everything else is basically the same as building any other house with building blocks without having to make the exterior pretty because you have the building to do that for you.

Looking for a new housing challenge? I recommend giving this a try, there are several types of these buildings without bottoms that you can build inside (and I hope we receive more in the future). If you are interested in seeing the house I made inside a Draumheim Mansion hop over to Hailol and search for Harmony Heights.

Closing Thoughts

Overall I’m really pleased with the release of new buildings. These buildings add a lot of missing art and architecture to Dimensions that assist builders who like to create character and lore themed dimensions and they are versatile for a number of uses from housing, to landscape, to morphs, to background filler and more. I also think it’s a great addition to the RIFT Store giving builders access to purchase these at all times.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little preview of the new buildings, feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, and anything else you’d like about the new buildings in the comments below. Happy Building!

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