Landquarium Mystery Box – New Dimension Items!

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Hello Dimensioneers! Coming soon to RIFT the Landquarium Mystery Box will contain a new dimension key and a large variety of new dimension items! Developer Tacitus has themed this mystery box around the idea of a terrarium! I’ve put together a quick look at what you may expect with this new box in a video and a few screenshots below.

Please note any of this information could possibly change as it’s in the testing stages right now and there is always that possibility somethings may not make it into the live version of the game.

Dimension Key

The Landquarium will be obtainable as a chance drop from the Mystery Box: Landquarium purchased in the RIFT store. This key has an item limit of 2,800 and is a sliver of the Draumheim area from Nightmare Tide.

Plants and trees as far as the eye can see! The Mystery Box: Landquarium has more than 200 new dimension items themed around the idea of a terrarium and includes a nice variety of flowers, trees, Brevanic statues, rocks, and 12 different tree NPC’s as well as the chance to obtain the Key to Dimension: Landquarium. Players will receive random items with each box purchased.

It’s a great time to build dimensions in RIFT! With thousands of items to build with and the recent news of the item limits increase as well as cost to upgrade keys is being reduced, more information on that here. Happy Building!

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