Import any of the following houses into Tinker Tools and load them into your dimension. Decorate and customize however you like, have fun! ūüôā Visit these houses in person before you import them into your dimension, they are located in Parade of Homes dimension on the Hailol NA shard. Instructions on how to import, load, and save dimension item sets are located below.

Haunted House

The Haunted House is a medium sized home with 4 rooms and a large fireplace and wrap-around front porch.

The Haunted House is a medium sized home with 4 rooms, a large fireplace, and wrap-around front porch. Pumpkins not included. View in person on Hailol – search for Parade of Homes dimension.


Haunted House Materials List:

7 – Blue Roof Tile Rectangle
12 – Black Wood Rectangle
3 – Dark Brick Triangle
1 – Star Nightglow Window
8 – Dark Brick Pole
7 – Stone Plank
36 – Blue Roof Tile Pole
3 – Greywood Plank
22 – Stone Square
14 – Dark Brick Rectangle
8 – Dark Brick Plank
25 – Stone Rectangle
7 – Stone Triangle
3 – Black Marble Pole
2 – Wood Corner Post
1 – Door
3 – Door Frame
3 – Teardrop Nightglow Window
10 – Nightglow Window
1 – Black Smoke
2 – Graveyard Tower
1 – Roof Corner
6 – Rooftop
1 – Gloamwood Wall Stair
5 – Medium Violet Light
12 – Draumheim Fence

Total Items: 208

>> Download Haunted House <<

Little White Cottage

Little White Cottage

The little white wood cottage has one large room and 5 open windows. Near the front stairs are two flower beds. The set does not include flowers or lanterns. Add your own interior walls, or convert this house into a small church by adding a steeple to the roof.

White Cottage Materials List:

3 – White Wood Triangle
13 – White Wood Rectangle
47 – White Wood Square
21 – White Wood Plank
7 – Tin Sheet Roof Rectangle
3 – Carved Wood Rectangle
8 – Greywood Square
4 – Wood Corner Post
1 – Door
1 – Door Frame
1 – Short Wood Stair
4 – Open Window

Total Items: 113

>> Download White Cottage <<

Brown Brick Cottage

Brown Brick Cottage

The Brown Brick cottage has an open interior with 6 windows. Add your own interior walls.

Brown Brick Cottage Materials List:

13 – Brown Brick Rectangle
25 – Brown Brick Plank
58 – Brown Brick Square
3 – Brown Brick Triangle
7 – Brown Shingle Rectangle
8 – Dark Wood Square
2 – Wood Corner Post
1 – Door
1 – Door Frame
1 – Open Window
5 – Window Frame
1 – Short Wood Stair

Total Items: 125

>> Download Brown Brick Cottage <<

Red Brick Cottage

Red Brick Cottage

The red brick cottage has 3 small rooms, the interior walls can be adjusted or removed. The floor is raised to give clearance for uneven surfaces.

Red Brick Cottage Materials List:

24 – Red Brick Plank
63 – Red Brick Square
13 – Red Brick Rectangle
3 – Red Brick Triangle
8 – Wood Corner Post
1 – Door
1 – Door Frame
1 – Short Wood Stairs
1 – Open Window
5 – Window Frame
8 – Oak Wood Square
7 – Green Scale Roof Tile Rectangle

Total Items: 137

>> Download Red Brick Cottage <<

Grey Wood Cottage

Grey Wood Cottage

The Grey Wood cottage has an open interior with 5 windows. Add your own interior walls.

Grey Wood Cottage Materials List:

13 РGrey Wood Rectangle
31 – Grey Wood Plank
56 – Grey Wood Square
3 – Grey Wood Triangle
7 – Blue Roof Tile Rectangle
8 – Dark Wood Square
2 – Wood Corner Post
1 – Door
1 – Door Frame
3 – Open Window
5 – Window Frame
1 – Short Wood Stair
2 – Large Draumheim Planter Box
1 – Brevane Window

Total Items: 134

>> Download Grey Wood Cottage <<

What Is a Saved Set?

Players make “saved sets” by morphing dimension items together to make one item. These can be anything from food to furniture to people to houses and other structures, the skies the limit on how creative you can be. ¬†You can download and share many different shared item sets to decorate your dimensions on the Dimension Addicts fan-site.

How To Import Saved Sets:

– Gather all of the materials needed and place them in your bags/inventory.

– You must have Tinker Tools installed and enabled in your RIFT addons.

– Copy the code from the shared set that you want to load into RIFT.

– In RIFT open Tinker Tools (/tt) and choose the Load/Save option.

– In the panel that opens, select Import/Export.


– Paste (CTRL V) the code you have copied into the box at the bottom.

– Give the set a name in the New Name field and then press Import Text.


How To Load a Saved Set

To load a set open the Load/Save panel in Tinker Tools and follow these steps:

– In the Load/Save panel put a check in the Saved Sets box.

– Use the dropdown (or search) to find your named set and select it.

– Put a checkmark in Use New Items.

РPlace a check in Load at original location only if you want to load the set into the same dimension key and location where it was originally placed. This is useful if you want to reload a premade building (like the Sanctuary of Rebirth or the Stonefield Chapel, etc.)  into the original spot you were working on in case you accidentally moved it while building.

– Make sure the items needed for the set are in your bags.

– Press Load Set button.


Your set will begin to load into the dimension, once it is finished loading you can move it to the desired location.

Move a Set

moveYou can move most sets using the XYZ (1) or Place (4) tools in the dimension UI. If you have a set that is more than 200 pieces you may need to move it with Tinker Tools. Open TT and select the Move button, then check Relative and place a number 1 in the axis/direction you need to move the set. You can raise that number higher to move further distances faster, or lower it to make small precise movements.


How To Save an Item Set

You can save any single item or multiple items as a set with Tinker Tools. There are several reasons why we like to make saved sets:

  • To save a project we are working on in case we accidentally pick it up or move it, we can reload it right where it was originally.
  • Save a project to be moved to another dimension later, or to reuse an item in other dimensions, to duplicate an item.
  • Share a project with friends or the community by exporting the code and posting it on the Dimension Addicts website.

Here are some steps on how to save a set:

– Open Tinker Tools in your dimension

– Select your building, item or multiple items and press the Load/Save Button. To select multiple items press the Shift key and hold it down while you select each item.


– In the Load/Save panel type a Name for your set and press Save Set


Your set is now saved and can be loaded anytime. See instructions above on How to Load a Saved Set.

If your unsure about how this all might work, try practicing it in an empty dimension with a few items to get the hang of it.


  1. Lizza Pukerud
    October 26, 2016

    I love your houses. I have a question. The little white house would be perfect for what I’m wanting. Is it possible to change it to red? I see the code says white. Am I able to change all the white to red? Thanks…Either way thanks! The houses are still super nice!

    • Nouvae
      October 26, 2016

      Hi Lizza, Yes you can load the house as white wood and then Reskin it to red using Tinker Tools. I can also make it in red and upload that code for you if you like, just let me know which red building blocks you were referring to. Thanks for the compliments, I’m happy you could use it.

    • Lizza Pukerud
      October 27, 2016

      I’m building the white house now for practice! So far, I’m wondering where to place it to get right position? Does it place it exactly around me? Or in front of me? Thanks again…I’m so sorry: I have no experience in this!

      • Nouvae
        October 27, 2016

        It’s going to load nearby you, then you will need to move it. You should be able to use the XYZ ability to drag it and place it where you want.

  2. Lizza
    October 27, 2016

    Thank you so much for putting up with me! I got the white house reskinned! Woot I couldn’t get it before! But when you posted those directions…easy peasy!

    • Nouvae
      October 27, 2016

      That’s great I’m glad you got it worked out! Enjoy your new school house ūüôā

  3. Everis Peace
    March 6, 2017

    I love your houses. Went looking for them by searching for Parade of Homes on Hailol but could not find them, are they listed under something else now, or have you taken them off completely? Really wanted to see the haunted house.

    • Nouvae
      March 17, 2017

      Thanks Everis. The dimension is now open once again.


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