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Hello Dimensioneers! After reading some recent concerns of the community about high Auction House prices I felt it was time to expand the Frequently Asked Questions section with some tips of how to obtain dimension items and create your own stockpile of building tools.

Rift Store

The Rift store houses a majority of the dimension items you can acquire in the game. Everything from building blocks, to plants and trees, to decor, interactive items and much more. Players should become familiar with what items are in the store. Items are located under the Dimensions tab and while working in your dimension clicking on the cart icon of the UI will take you straight to that section of the store. Often times you will find the Auction House will have some of these items priced either below store price or above it, it’s a good idea to compare the Auction House and the store to see which place currently has the best price.


The addition of the Minions system has been a HUGE help for Dimensioneers. I highly recommend players unlock the six minion slots, collect as many minions as you can and use this system often. You will in a short amount of time be able to obtain free dimension items from “Dimension Stashes” rewarded through Minion adventures and create a nice stockpile of various items and building blocks.

Auction House

Many players who do not build dimensions will sell their Dimension Stashes they have gathered from Minions in the Auction House. Buy some of these stashes, open them up and quickly you will have enough items to start a storage dimension (more on that below). The cost of minion stashes are fairly reasonable and easily obtainable if you are just starting out or low on platinum. You can also ask your guild mates or friends if they would be willing to donate their minion stashes to you. Search the keyword “stash” to find all the available stashes.

If you are searching for rare and hard to find dimension items the Auction House has a Price History button that provides data on what an item has sold for in the past. Use this information to learn the market value of an item before you make a costly purchase.

In the image below you will see that I have selected the Mossy Shrine which is listed for 1627 platinum, when I click on the Price History button to the right and select 6 months a panel will appear at the bottom of the auction listings showing “Price history for Mossy Shrine”, if I hover over the blue bar at the bottom I see that in the last 6 months one has sold on my shard for 300 platinum. Other dimension items will have much more data than this particular piece but this is to give you an idea of how the system can work for you to save some plat. Prices also vary from shard to shard.

If you find a really interesting item that you just love and need to have find out where that item is sourced, you can do this very quickly by going to the Dimension Addicts website and run a search, the price and source is listed on the items page. Once you know the source of the item find out if you can you obtain it yourself. If you don’t have access to the item source, you can always:

Ask other players in the in-game dimension chat channel if anyone has the item for sale or trade. To join this channel in game, type /join dimensionaddicts@deepwood for NA shards or /join dimensionaddicts@zaviel for EU.

Advertise in 1-29 general chat what you are looking for, have an idea of what you are willing to pay when someone responds.

Create a Buy Order in the Auction House, set the price you are willing to pay and time limit. I have had some success using this often overlooked section of the Auciton House.

Use the WTT post on the Rift Dimension forums.

Another thing to note, if you’re going to sell dimension items and the Auction House suggests the price is 1 Silver, this is the same price as the vendor-able amount and you are paying a deposit of 1 Silver to list this item. Some people are aware of this and do so to give away items so to speak. I do quite a lot of buying from the Auction House (of fairly priced items) and I like to buy from fellow builders if I can. Filling their pockets with more gold or plat can help to build more dimensions and vice versa, it’s a win win situation.

Selling items for 1 Silver is the vendor-able price.

FYI: Selling items for 1 Silver is the vendor-able price.

Fishing & World Drops

Nearly every zone in Rift has specific dimension items tied to fishing and world drops from mobs. If you can’t find those items in the Auction House and have the time and patience to work on fishing it’s well worth the investment. Especially once you reach Fishing level 420 you can try for Uncle Stans Super Secret Fishin Pole & Lure which has a special loot table of dimension items and other fun stuff.

Patron & Affinity

When you purchase Patron status in Rift you are awarded with Affinity points each day that you play. You can spend these points on some unique dimension items and dimension keys (Atia and coming in Starfall Prophecy 4.0 Haunted Terminal). In addition, there is a Cosmological Fishing Pole which used in combination with the Lure of the Cosmos gives access to the Stan’s Lure loot table, which has unique dimension items only available from the lure. Stan’s Infra-Cell Fishin’ Pole combined with the Uncle Stan’s Infra-Cell Lure also accesses the Stan’s loot table with a second roll that is dimension items only with better odds for a rare-plus on that second roll. The Rare Dimension Mystery Box also contains a random supply of rare items.


Rift has many Factions that offer dimension items from their vendors, you can work on completing quests and objectives to gain notoriety to access these items. Some of these are listed in the Rift store and will be noted with a requirement needed for that Faction. Currently most of the Nightmare Tide factions vendors are located in Margle Palace at /setwaypoint 5497, 5568. Although not a faction the Nug Quartermaster sells unique bogling items once you complete a series of quests to unlock this vendor.


Each of the 12 crafting professions offer dimension items to make for your self, trade, or sell. The Dreamweaver profession is especially useful, you can craft dimension keys, special effects, terrain paints, and much more.

Artifacts & Achievements

Collecting certain artifact sets, solving puzzles, and some achievements can reward dimension items. Speak with the artifact vendor in your factions capital city to purchase dimension items with Lucky Coins, the currency you receive from completing artifact sets. In the Rift Store under Dimensions > Trophies you will find many of the artifact collection items, hovering over these items will list the name of the artifact set you need to complete to unlock them. The West Ember Isle achievement guide is located here if you are looking to unlock those special lamps.

World Events

There are 4 world events that occur in Rift and with each one you can complete quests and other objectives to gain event currencies to purchase special dimension items. When you see an item that you want from the event, ask yourself if you will want to use that item again over… the next year.. yes, that’s right these events are once a year so it’s a good idea to stock up on the items you really love. If you happen to miss an event, you can always ask fellow builders if they have a spare item for sale or trade, also check the Auction House (and check the price history).

World Events

Each year there are 4 World Events with many unique dimension items.

Trade & Community

For quite sometime members of the dimension community have had an honor system of dimensions open to the public. The idea of TAPLAP is that if you “take a penny, you leave a penny”. When you drop things off here anyone can freely take them and you can also take items as well, if you take an item don’t forget to leave an item in return. Some of these may require Special Permission access to interact with, check with the owner of the dimension for more details.

Lots of players are willing to buy, sell or trade items. A quick way to reach people in-game is to ask in the dimensionaddicts@deepwood (NA shards) or dimensionaddicts@zaviel (EU) chat channels.

Creating Storage Dimensions

Now that you have created yourself a stockpile of items and you are running out of bag space it’s time to open a personal storage dimension. My experience was that I found it best to house all of my storage dimensions on an Alt character that I was not building on. I made my alt, leveled it to 10 and crafted an Anywhere dimension key, opened it to a Tier 4 capacity, and started to drop items in. Once that dimension was filled up I decided to make another storage dimension, and then I started to categorize each dimension with certain items. For instance plants, rocks in one dimension, decor in another, windows and walls, etc. Placing items in a storage dimension made it easier and faster to locate and see what I have available to build with. Building blocks, dimension keys and interactive Dreamweaver items found their way into my bank slots. I also found Tinker Tools to be helpful by using the copy/paste function to arrange items in a neat stack or row.

These are just some suggestions, make a system that works for you, knowing what you have available and seeing it in front of you can save you searching time, inspire building ideas, and save you money from accidentally purchasing things you already had that were buried in your bank (guilty of that, oops). I’d love to hear your ideas and how you like to store your items, feel free to comment below and share.

Getting into Dimensions can seem overwhelming but once you’ve spent a bit of time sorting through the items, learning the keys, using the resources available around the web, and talking with people in the community things will catch on very quickly. 🙂

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