What is a Dimension?

Dimensions (also known as “player housing”) are part of the gameplay experience in the game RIFT. As a player (or guild) you can purchase various keys and own a sliver of Telara, the explorable world within RIFT. Dimensions are fully customizable with items and building blocks you acquire throughout your adventures or you can purchase items directly from merchants. They offer you the freedom and ability to build anything you can dream and share your creations with fellow “Dimensioneers”, friends, or guildies.

How do I obtain my first Key?

You obtain your first key by completing an introductory quest-chain. Your character can be at any level to complete the quest. Guardians speak with Toia Hejme at Argent Glade in Silverwood and Defiants speak with  Zerelia Hejme at King’s Retreat in Freemarch. Upon completion you will be awarded with an introductory dimension which includes a small shrine and hilltop view.

  • Guardian receive the Key to Dimension: Sanguine Shores
  • Defiant receive the Key to Dimension: Wardens Point.


How many dimensions can a character have?

You can have up to 20 dimensions per character.  Your first 2 are free, each additional after costs in-game coin or credits to expand your collection.

Where can I view a list of available keys?

Dimension Keys Guide – Photos and information on available keys, item limits, and where to obtain.

How do I enter my dimension?

Press the  [ key on your keyboard -or- the game menu under the Social section click on Dimension. This will open the Dimension panel, next click on MINE, here you will see all of your collected active and inactive dimensions. To enter click on the key icon.


How do I exit my dimension?

Below your mini map look for the arrow, you can right click this to leave. Another option is to click the leave button on your Dimension UI panel.

Where can I buy or collect dimension items?

An overview of the various places to buy, trade, sell and collect dimension items is located in this guide.

How do I place items and build?

During your introductory dimension quest  you will learn to move and pickup items.


Are there any helpful addons for Dimensions?

  • Tinker Tools – Current Version
  • Toolbox – Copy/Paste function and save Item Sets for future use.

If something I build doesn’t turn out as I expected, can I tear it down and rebuild?

Yes, you can build a house in your dimension and then tear it down and start over if you wanted to. The creations you build are only as permanent as you want them to be.

How do I visit other players and guilds dimensions?

Open the Dimension panel and click on the sections labeled FRIENDS, GUILD, PUBLIC (Weekly) or PUBLIC (All-Time). Select the dimension you want to visit and press the Enter button. You can run a Search in each of these sections if you are trying to locate a specific player, guild, or named dimension.


How do I invite other players to my dimension?

While you are inside your Dimension click on the Invite Guests button.

How do I set permissions?

Each key you own has individual permissions, there are several accessibility options for Friends, Guild, Public, or Special. Click on the Permissions tab under the Key you want to set permissions for and check or uncheck to make changes.

What is a +1?

You are giving a thumbs up or like to the current dimension you are visiting. If you like a dimension, give it a +1. The more recommendations received the higher the dimension will rank in the directory.



What is a sky projector?

A sky projector is an item that changes the atmosphere of your dimensions sky and sometimes weather such as clouds, fog, the moon, etc.

What is a music box?

You can change the music associated with a Dimension Key to the tune of the Music Box.

What is morphing?

Morphing is when you place multiple dimension items together to make one item. You are only limited by your imagination in what you can create. The images below show a few different examples of morphed items.

How do I visit European or North American shards and their dimensions?

Launch the Rift/Glyph game client, click on the drop down in the upper right corner. Change the drop down from North America to Europe (Or vice versa). Press Play. When you want to switch back to North America, repeat this process from the start after you have exited the game.

What is Dream Weaving?

A profession for crafting Dimension Keys and items that are trade able. Check out the Meet The Dream Weaver article on RIFT Community News.