Blue In The Face For Kelari Lamps

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Last weekend I decided to work on the achievement “Blue In The Face” on Ember Isle for the Kelari lamps, I’ve had the quest in my log for several months now and needed the motivation to get things going, my thanks to the folks in the DA chat for getting me started with it.

When you complete the five part achievement you unlock access to purchase three lamps, Kelari Lamp with Yellow Light, Kelari Hanging Light, and Kelari Wall Sconce, you also receive three free lamps through in-game mail upon completion. The achievement took just about two afternoons worth of game time to complete with the most difficult step being the “Wailing Abyss” which requires completion of the Ember Isle zone event Rising Depths. Four of the steps for this achievement are solo-able, with the Rising Depths requiring a group, it took my group around ten players for the final boss.

I Had The Strangest Dream

The focus for this achievement is on a level 60 quest chain that begins with Breaker Point in Tempest Bay, you can pick it up from Keeper Ivan near the porticulum. The quest will send you to the western coast of Ember Isle to speak with Keeper Dria at Breaker Point, who will then provide a series of underwater quests to investigate the sunken city of Gakulos and ultimately defeat Xeberaii. For completing Keeper Dria’s quests (and her nearby allies quests) you will be rewarded with two companion pets Weam and Dreaver, Infinity Stones, Nightmare Touched Planar Focus, Planar Infusions, your choice of various writs for faction notoriety, tons of experience and some coin.

Deep Sea Defender

This achievement is really straightforward, just complete 12 normal Carnage quests off the west coast of Ember Isle, do this while you are working on I Had The Strangest Dream.

The Planar Depths

Close 20 underwater rifts off the west coast of Ember Isle.

Nautical Nightmares

Complete the rare Carnage quests off the west coast of Ember Isle. This achievement requires the defeat of four elites, Aqanjale, Ichytchul, Nado, and Heat Sink. You will find Nado swimming near the surface, Heat Sink is on ground level just under a cliff, Aqanjale is near temple ruins, and Ichytchul is on a cliff, their locations are marked in the maps below.

Wailing Abyss

Complete the Rising Depths zone event on Ember Isle. The entirety of this zone event is under water, there are 3 phases before the final boss Nirzora, who spawns in the northwest area near Temple of the Moon.  If you want to have a look at the boss fight beforehand check out this YouTube video.

Destroy Dream Loci in underwater rifts 0/6
Defeat Nightmare Guards 0/9
Destroy Nightmare Fonts 0/3
Defeat Nirzora 0/1

Blue In The Face

Upon completion of the 5 achievements you will be rewarded with Blue In The Face for 20 points and three Kelari lamps, check your in-game mail! This achievement also unlocks the ability to purchase more lamps in the RIFT store under the sections Dimensions > Trophies > West Ember Isle.


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