Welcome to the Dimension Gallery a RIFT Fan Site. Here you can browse through thousands of dimensions built by the player-base.

My intention with this gallery is to provide a directory for fellow players to find new and exciting dimensions to visit. While screenshots and pictures can provide you with an idea of what you may expect to find inside these artistic creations it is always my suggestion to go in-game and explore them in person, as these images only capture a highlight of what you will find within.

If you like a dimension visit it in game and give it a +1. The more +1’s received the higher the dimension will rank in the game directory and makes it easier for more players to find it.

 How To Navigate The Gallery

  • Clicking on the house icon on the top of the page will take you to the home page.
  • While in a gallery clicking on the arrow buttons at the bottom will browse to the next or previous dimension.
  • The Dimension Name, Owners Name, and Shard are located in the description of each page.
  • Tags at the top of the page should give you an idea of what things you may find inside. The tags will not always correspond with the images, for instance, there may be a billiards tag listed but no photo will be present of the billiards table, etc. You can click on these tags to see other dimensions with similar attributes.
  • The home page features 15 random dimensions listed in the gallery.
  • The Recent Additions page showcases the most recently added dimensions to the gallery.
  • Visit the directory to narrow your search results by shard, key, structure type, theme, etc.

How can I add my dimension to this gallery?

  • Check out the guidelines for submission and complete the form on the suggestion page.

Dimension Updates?

  • If you have moved your dimension to different shard, changed it’s name, your name, discontinued the dimension or any other updates, please complete the update form.

How can I add a description or story about my dimension?


About Nouvae

My adventures began in RIFT when the game launched in March of 2011, I reached Level 50 and shortly after the Ember Isle Patch took a bit of a break. I returned to RIFT in 2013 and instantly fell in love with the game all over again, it was at that time I discovered building and exploring dimensions and shortly after created this fan site to support the game and the creative people we call Dimensioneers.


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