RIFT Autumn Harvest Event Guide

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Rift 2016 Autumn Harvest Event Guide

It’s that time of year once again when the Ascended are called to aid Atrophinous with the Autumn Harvest. This special RIFT world event is a Fae celebration of the harvest, MEEAAADDDD…, and all things spooky beginning on October 13 through November 3, 2016. This is a basic guide on the quests and some of the items you can expect to find during this event.

Autumn Harvest Quests

Guardians head to Sanctum and speak with Kiona and Defiants want to talk to Aurelius in Meridian. They will offer the daily quest Pumpkin Patching where you are tasked to decorate the Realm of the Autumn Harvest with pumpkins.

Head out into Silverwood or Freemarch to collect 6 pumpkins, the location will be marked on your map with a star. Once you’ve collected the pumpkins look on your world map for a Faerie Ring marker, this looks like an icon with a mushroom.

Once you reach the Faerie Ring location on your map click on the bowl of mead to enter the Realm of the Autumn Harvest. Once inside look for piles of pumpkins and then decorate to complete the quest.  The Pumpkin Patching quest will reward you with 25 Autumn Harvest Ambersap, the Ambersap is the more common currency obtainable during the event to purchase a variety of items from the store or event vendors. You can gain this currency from completing daily quests, closing rifts that give experience, and from zone events.

After you’ve decorated the area have a chat with Rollo, he will offer two quests. Fright Night is a weekly quest and will be available 3 times this year awarding 7 Autumn Harvest Signets, this is the rare event currency. This year players will be able to collect 21 total Autumn Harvest Signets (per character). Rollo wants you to complete 20 of the Featured: Spooky Adventures In Gloamwood, this is a special Instant Adventure series for the event. To que these adventures just press the period (.) key to access the IA panel and click Join.

Rollo would also like you to gather the secret ingredient for Atrophinous’ mead and will offer the daily quest Autumncap Haul. Head out into any Mathosia zone (except for Iron Pine Peak and Stillmoor) to harvest 8 Autumncap Fungi. The fungi are scattered all about the zones, you will find them on trees and near rocks.

The Autumncap Haul quest will reward you with a Potion of Enhanced Autumn Eyes and 25 Autumn Harvest Ambersap.  When you drink the Potion of Enhanced Autumn Eyes you will be able to see and collect artifacts for 2 minutes within the Realm of the Autumn Harvest.

Atrophinous offers two daily quests Hand of the Harvest and The Reaping. For Hand of the Harvest you can assist Atrophinous by killing Summer Ravagers, pulling up Life Roots, kicking compost crawlers back into their pin, and killing Frostjacks. These can be found around the Realm of Autumn Harvest and doing 15 of any type of these tasks will complete the quest rewarding you with 25 Autumn Harvest Ambersap.

The Reaping quest is also a daily and requires you to head out into the game world and close the 2 specific types of Rifts requested, the planar type will change daily. Make sure to mentor down to a level that will give experience before closing the rifts or you won’t receive credit. Upon completion of this quest you will be rewarded with 25 Autumn Harvest Ambersap.

Autumn Harvest Dimension Items

Dimensioneers will want to visit Mr. Squeakles while visiting the Realm of Autumn Harvest or check out the World Event tab in the Rift store. There are more than 70 dimension items and this year all are sold individually except for 4 kits that offer specific grouped items as a set, they are the Spiders Den, Pumpkin Patch Kit, a new Autumn Corn Maze Kit and new Autumn Faer Hedge Kit. A complete list of available items with photos and currency costs on the Dimension Addicts fansite. Here is a sneak peak of just a few of the items:

There are three dimension keys to collect, one being new to this years event is the Bronze Tomb an ancient and forgotten Dwarven tomb a large interior dimension and a 2,000 item limit. The previous years Deepwood Cottage and Harrow Crypt  keys are also available.

Event Items

Scraps the Necro Budgie is a new mount for 2016 as well as the Molten Ascendance costume wings. There are too many items to list, players will find everything from masks, wardrobe costumes, weapon skins, backpacks, pets, cosmetics items to dimension items, mounts, food, titles, and more. Check out the World Event tab in the Rift store to see the entire list.

A new Minion to collect this year is Valzor. Collecting this minion will unlock a chain of adventures that will reward additional Autumn Harvest currency and additional minions. There are other minions in the store from previous years past that also unlock a chain of quests. A guide to the current minion questline is located here.

Several wardrobe appearances and weapon skins to collect. A few of them are shown below.

Phase 1 of the event The Harvest is currently underway in-game… any changes or additions to the event will be added to this page.

If you’re interested in entering a giveaway for a chance to win a 5th Anniversary Snail Mount or a Radar Corgi Pet check out the video below for more information, anyone that plays Rift can enter! Winners will be announced on Friday, October 21, 2016.


Happy Autumn Harvest!

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  1. kitasia
    October 16, 2016

    Thanks bunches for this

  2. Aranka
    October 16, 2016

    for the potion of autumn eyes… drink it inside the instance… only there you will see the artifacts.. if you use several potions, make sure you have space enough. potions do NOT stack.. so only use one at a time. artifacts are everywhere inside the instance.. a few good spots to run are the big field across Atrophinius and the little enclosure just left of that field, behind the npcs.

    Another good spot is the enclosure with the mounts..
    Another road to run would start near the area where you kick the shamblers too and from there run along the hedges to the exit at the other side of the instance (so not in the direction of Atrophinius)

    For the quest to help Atrophinius get his 15 things done..

    Aoe hedges. to spawn the roots that you need to free up. Or follow the razorbacks, they kick the hedges at those spots too.
    There is a group of bugs, that spawns every 5 minutes.. either in the big field across Atrophinius at the far right of the hedge in the back or at the exit at the other side of the instance.. It is easiest to aoe them at those spots, they have a low health.. each bug awards 1 point for the /15.

    The freezers that spawn near Atrophinius every 15 mins or so award 5 points when all 3 are dead.
    Kicking a shambler into its nest rewards 3 points.

    There is a known spot in Stonefield with good respawn of autumncap fungi.. near Quarry Basin, there is a small settlement, a healer and a rock with 3 orelings on it… Close to it is also a respawn spot for the faerie ring. Around the rock with the orelings are some 6 or 7 spots were the fungi spawns.. Nearby are also the giants on the hills/near the water. You will find the fungi there too.

    Silverwood has several fungi in the trees, some are harder too reach.. Fortune shore has some spots for fungi in the palm trees surrounding the harbor.

    • Aranka
      October 16, 2016

      A small addition.. when running to a faerie ring and it all of a sudden disappears… just run to that spot and hop shards.. Good chance it will still be on that spot on another shard.. That will save you the frustration of having to run to the other side of the zone for the new spot.. Each zone should have 3 different spots where the faerie ring can spawn. So just pick the spot you want.. run there and hop shards to make it a little easier on yourself 🙂

  3. Nouvae
    October 21, 2016

    Thank you everyone who participated in the giveaway! The winners are below and will be contacted in-game with your giveaway codes!

    5th Anniversary Racing Snail Mount Winners:

    Radar Corgi Pet Winners:

  4. hiurma23
    October 22, 2016

    Thanks for this guide Nouvae!! I’m back after a few years to RIFT and I’m pretty lost 😉


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